Thursday, July 9, 2009


Long before the surgeries, I got into the habit of making applesauce for our family. Nothing fancy -- just plain, honest, simple applesauce like the kind that I think my grandmother might have made, and like the kind that Master's mother used to make. My version is sugar free... It has become a staple of life in our post surgical culinary world.

Here, if you are interested, is the "recipe" for this comfy food:

Apples (3-4 pounds) quartered, cored, and peeled.
Splenda sweetener (about 1 cup)
Cinnamon (1-2 teaspoons to taste)
Quarter, core, and peel the apples. I use a mixture -- usually half Granny Smith and half Red Delicious. Cut up the apples and put them into a large pan. Add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and come up about 1/3 of the height of the apples. Add the cinammon and the Splenda and cook, uncovered, stiring occasionally, until apples are softened and the liquid is reduced. This process generally takes 20-30 minutes. Watch to ensure that the sauce doesn't boil dry. When the apples have softened, mash them to make an applesauce consistency. I like mine with a few lumps left, but suit yourself.
The cooled applesauce can be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator, and it freezes well.


Hermione said...

Yum. That sounds delicious. I have added a dash of vanilla extract, and that gives it an interesting flavour.

Have you tried it without any sweetener at all? The apples are sweet, and I believe I've heard that some post-surgical patients can't tolerate artificial sweetener.


sin said...

I made something this week that has rhubarb, strawberries and apples in it, boiled together (1/2 rhubarb, 1/4 apples, 1/4 strawberries by weight). I add sweetener, where some people would add sugar. I LOVE rhubarb when I can get it.

I'm not sure if the post surgery tummies would tolerate it if they are sensitive, because the rhubarb is so tart, but gosh it's good.

I'm trying to diet and this is a perfect diet food except that I want more!