Sunday, July 12, 2009

90 Pound Loss reached

I awakened today to find my weight has become 211 pounds. I began all this with a baseline weight of 301. Thus I have reached 90 pounds of weight loss.

Today t is down 67 pounds, and sue is down 15 pounds, so at this point the three of us have lost 172 pounds.

It won't be long before t drops below 200 pounds and in a few weeks I'll reach 201 pounds which will represent my having lost 100 pounds, and then in two pounds further loss, I will drop below 200 pounds myself.

This is starting to get "serious":)

Thank you for your support.


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littleone said...

If i may ask a question???

What happens when You reach Your goal weight.. do You begin to eat more??? (Sir says He doesn't think that will be possible but isn't sure) .. and if You can't eat more.. how do You stop the weight from continuing to fall away???

(i have this weird picture in my head of You and t just melting away)

morningstar (owned by Warren)

swan said...

morningstar -- We are not entirely sure what happens when they reach "goal" weight. We aren't clear whether the body just starts to slow down on its own, or if it becomes possible to eat a bit more, or...

Master maintains that when He is able to drink alcohol again, He will simply supplement His diet with those calories and that will be the solution. Do you see what I am dealing with here? :-D


littleone said...


yeah swan i DO indeed see what you are dealing with.. LOL..

sort of like Sir getting His blood sugars under control then eating cheesecake !!!

hugs to you all

morningstar (owned by Warren)

swan said...

Too bad WE can't paddle THEM isn't it?


Cherryleopard said...

I haven't checked in a while and let me just say -- Wow! Impressive! You all are clearly still working hard and staying on task to reach your goals. It's been motivating from a far to watch you work together as a team and as individuals.

Amber said...

90 pounds?? That's amazing! And T with 67!? Jeez! Swan, I envy you the 15 *sighs*

I'm never losing my extra weight, I swear, and it's more than 15, lol! :)

And *laughs* at Tom saying that about alcohol; sounds like my Dan. :)