Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Month Anniversary of our surgeries and counting

Today is the third one month "anniversary" of t's and my gastric by-pass surgeries March 23. I awakened to a weigh in of 219.5 pounds. This is only one and a half pounds down from my 221 pound weight yesterday. Sometimes I get this sudden significant weight loss event phenomenon just as sometimes I get frozen at a weight for four or five days, or even regain some weight. The significance of this development, more than my being 81.5 pounds less than when I started, is that I am now into the "two hundred teens" in my weight, which does seem pretty wild having exceeded 300 pounds three months ago. When I lose another twenty pounds my weight will be in the one hundred pound plus range:) This really is beginning to seem like progress.

My t is down 59 and my swan 14. We are 154.5 pounds down combining our entire family's weight loss.

Thank you all again for your interest, kind words and thoughts, and support.


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selkie said...

Tom, how tall are you? And T?

T said...


Tom is 5'8" and I am 5'2".

Are you knitting us robes?



sin said...

Laughing at the robes! Congrats on your weight loss.


selkie said...

grins, believe me T, anything that THESE hands 'created' would be laughable; the kindest one could say about my ability to sew, knit etc is ummm, selkie is a wee bit craftily-challengd LOL

I was curious as height and weight tell more of a picture than just one or the other. I'm in awe at the weight loss and I guess I'm wondring how much further? It seems like an AWFUL lot of poundage LOL - I mean, at some point, it has to stop?

I'm a fretter LOL -

Amber said...

Congrats, it's wonderful! Good on ya!