Monday, June 22, 2009

New Milestone and Significant Progress

I awakened this morning to see the magic number 221 pounds on my bathroom scale. The magic involved with those three digits is that March 9 that same scale read 301 pounds during a fasting morning weigh in. I have just reached the 80 pound weight loss milestone.

Too t, who has struggled as she has progressed through the 50's in her weight loss, has just had a larger than usual drop. She was down 59 pounds as of this morning.

swan too is now down 14 pounds (you'll recall that swan did not have weight loss surgery.)

So combined the Heron Clan has now lost 153 pounds since March.

Tomorrow, June 23, will be the third anniversary of t's and my surgeries.

Thank you all once again for your interest and support here and in your personal communications and email.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.


selkie said...

that amount of weight loss in such a limited amount of time boggles the mind ... congratulations to you ALL!!

M:e said...

I agree with selkie....its an amazing achievement!!

love and hugs xxx

T said...

In honor of our surgery, lets do ice chips and liquid roxicet all day!

Whatcha thunk?


Raheretic said...

t, sweetie, as commemorative as ice chips and roxicet would be, I'll pass. Having spent the first two weeks post surgery on that very diet, I'll let the opportunity to sample it once again go by. I've done it and it really wasn't that great.

Now I'll be able to really celebrate wildly with a feast...maybe half a protein bar, a fat free sugar free yogurt, and if I'm not throwing up yet, I'll top it all off with a sugar free pudding cup......YUM:) Just a little bariatric patient humor:)

I love you mores and mores,