Friday, June 12, 2009

One More Milestone passes Behind Us

This morning I awakened to a weigh in of 225.5. That means I have lost 75.5 pounds. I feel like surpassing the 75 pound weight loss mark is a major milestone.

Too t is now down 57 pounds and her increasing slimness is showing as she has finally gotten past here plateau.

swan, who left today for Denver to visit her new little one, is down 13 pounds. She and I are walking daily and often managing a distance of 3 miles (in 58 minutes or less thank you very much:)

Thus we three are now totalling 145 pounds weight loss for the entire family:)

Thank you all for your wonderful support in noticing our progress and commenting on it.

All the best,


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M:e said...

Wonderful! You guys are doing incredibly well, you must be delighted with progress.

love and hugs xxx

Amber said...

Awesome! You are inspirational! :)

Chloe said...

I haven't commented in this particular blog before, but I have been reading. And cheering. And smiling.

I just wanted to take a bit of time this evening to tell you verbally how wonderful this has been to follow.

I'm happy for your weightloss, but I'm obviously most happy for what it means and will mean for you - from the smaller things like increased energy and ability to do new activities, to the big things, like decreasing your risk for serious illnesses and increasing your lifespan.

Your family's successes are, like Amber said, incredibly inspirational.

So thank you so much for sharing them (and the journey to attain them) with us.