Wednesday, February 25, 2009

World's Greatest Banker

We have the world's greatest banker. Seriously!

The bank we use for our personal accounts also handles the deposits and accounts for Master's agency. The manager at our local branch has proved to be and excellent and very professional banker, but has also demonstrated what it means to be a human being of remarkable integrity and decency. He routinely goes over and above what might be expected of him in his professional role, and reaches out in ways that are just stunning.

Yesterday, Master was telling him about the impending surgeries and H said, "With both of you having surgery, you will be laid up and not able to get out to do the banking you might need to do. Just call me; there are some young men at the branch who are only too glad to get away for a bit and they would be happy to make a house call and pick up whatever you need taken care of. Or... I'd like to visit you after your surgery, I'll come and take care of it myself."

Wow! Just wow!



Tiggs said...

WOW is right... I didn't know there were any decent folks left in the banking world, lol!

That is wonderful to hear! And a really big load off your minds!

CeeCi said...

Now that is truly customer service at it's very best! One less thing to worry about for all of you.

Your picture made me do a double take...I thought it was David Byrne.

M:e said...

Sometimes all people need to show the depths of their humanity is the right opportunity.

I'm sure the offer will be a huge help.

love and hugs xxx