Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dates with Doctors

We've got dates. Dates on top of dates. Nothing romantic about any of it -- nothing like that. We've got appointments scheduled (with doctors and nurses and nutrition specialists and counselors) all over town for pre-surgical this and that's until it feels like there is not going to be anything accomplished in the next month except visit with nurses, doctors, and nutritionists.

Here's the latest update in an email from T, so you can get a feel for the craziness that has set in here --

"Just got a call from the elusive "V" at Dr. K's office. She wanted to make sure we REALLY wanted to have the surgery on the same day. And I told her "YES". I asked her if it was scheduled and if so, when. It is on Mon. 3/23. We both need to arrive at 5am and will be his First and Second case of the day.

They will give is a packet on 3/2 that will have included the form to have the PCP office exam (for them to fill out and fax back to Dr. K's).

I have called Dr. N's office to schedule the pre-surgical exam -- R has us down for 3/19 with S at 8:30am & 9:15am -- If possible, I would like the 8:30 so I don't have to use too much PTO that week). We need to be fasting and to take the exam form from Dr. K with us.

We will need to go to the hospital and have pre-surgical tests the week before surgery. We will get the info about that from Dr. K's office or a call from the Hospital. (I will just have to do PTO for this appointment, unless they schedule it for Fri 3/20)

I think that is all for this update. Stay tuned for further announcements!"

Somebody keep that calendar up to date -- please!

Oh and while we're making preparations -- we've got a freezer full of meat that has to be consumed before the liquid diet phase begins on 3/9. Barbecue anyone?



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M:e said...

Wow....good luck with keeping that lot straight! Makes normal work schedules look like a walk in the park doesn't it?

And yay.....barbecue....that sounds like fun.

love and hugs xxx