Saturday, February 28, 2009

and ... More Drugs

I suggested that we ought to put the lists of medications up here so that, when we come out on the other side of all of this, we will be able to see where we started from. The number of prescription and over the counter medications that are in use in our household is pretty amazing, and I really do expect that our "lists" will get significantly shorter over the next few months.

Here is the list of daily medications that Master is currently taking (those that hopefully will be discontinued as weight loss occurs are listed in red):

Over the counter supplements and medications--
  • daily multiple vitamin
  • aspirin (81 mg/ once daily) for heart health
  • glucosamine (1500 mg/twice daily) for joint health
  • chromium (200 mcg/once daily) to increase glucose tolerance
  • CoQ-10 (50 mg/twice daily) for heart health
  • Saw Palmetto (540 mg/once daily) for prostate health
  • D3 and K2 (1000 IU/once daily) for bone support
  • MagOx (400 mg)/once daily for acid indigestion
  • Zyrtec for allergies related to Bi-PAP use
Prescription medications--
  • actos (30 mg/once daily) diabetes
  • janumet (50 mg/1000 mg/twice daily) diabetes
  • ultram (100 mg/twice daily) arthritis pain
  • celebrex (200 mg/twice daily) arthritis pain
  • zetia (10 mg/ once daily) cholesterol
  • welchol (625 mg/ 6 times daily) cholesterol
  • vesicare (5mg/once daily) prostate health
  • lovaza (1 gm/once daily) chloesterol
  • gabapentin (100 mg/three times daily) meuralgia nerve pain
  • diovan hct (320 /25 mg once daily) high blood pressure
  • furosemide (40 mg/ twice daily) edema
  • potassium cl (10MEQ / twice daily) required with furosemide
  • protonix (40 mg / once daily) GERD
  • folbic (once daily) diabetic neuropathy
  • flonase (once daily) allergies related to use of Bi-PAP
  • Androgel (once daily) hormone replacement
  • Lidoderm patch (once daily) meuralgia nerve pain
That is a significant list; a lot to manage; a huge cost (thank goodness for good health insurance); and an ongoing, daily part of our daily lives. Reducing that list will result in an enormous improvement in the quality of our lives (on many fronts). We really do expect that, in time, we'll eliminate the Bi-PAP, the diabetes medications and testing equipment, the GERD, the high blood pressure and the high cholesterol. Life should get remarkably much simpler.



Amber said...

I'm assuming the Bi-PAP is like my Dan's C-PAP? It would be nice to see that go away here, too. As for the meds, you're right, most of those should fade away. Won't that be great? :)

swan said...

Amber, the Bi-PAP is like a C-PAP except that it delivers two levels of air pressure. I understand that the C-PAP is "continuous positive air pressure." So, that is the difference.