Monday, February 23, 2009

And so it begins....

Today, we received our calls. Both of us have been approved for By-Pass surgery. I have requested the packet to get LOA payments and the Insurance company is sending thru' all necessary approvals. We have our "Visit before surgery" scheduled for Mon. Mar. 2nd, where we will learn about the EXTREMELY restrictive diet that goes into effect 2 weeks prior to our surgery date of March 23rd.

Tom keeps saying that today, Feb. 23rd is 2 months before his 60th birthday and our surgeries will be a month before his birthday. I am looking forward to where we both will be on that birthday. I would imagine significantly smaller than we both are today. I am looking forward to being able to wrap my arms around him and to smooch his face without feeling the strain of our excessive girth.

Better days are in our futures. Healthier and, I am sure, happier days. Less physical pain and less medications everyday. Maybe postponing knee replacements for both of us. Relieving the strain on his poor back and hips.

I have always enjoyed cooking. Not necessarily for the sake of the eating, but the planning and the execution of the meal. I enjoy sharing with friends and family, the meals I have created. And now I look forward to working creatively to make the small amounts of food we can eat, enjoyable. I have always enjoyed taking a "Family Favorite" and converting it to fit our low-fat,
no-sugar diet and will be interested in what Sue and I can do in the future.

Tom and I both have about 130 pounds to lose. For me, that is about half of me. I have never been thin. I have always been the "girl with the pretty face and great personality". I am not sure what the new me is going to be like, but am very excited at the prospect of seeing me thin... of walking into a "normal" store and trying on petite clothes (the weight loss is not going to make me any taller!) that are in style and attractive. I want to wear shorts again.

It took me a long time to find Tom and Sue.....I want more years with them and not less. I look forward to growing old with my family, not dying young because I was crippled with health issues that made my life miserably short.

We will be posting pictures along this journey. Starting the day we start the liquid diet 2 weeks before the actual surgery and maybe monthly after the surgery. Follow along with us, won't you?

You ain't seen nuthin' yet!



selkie said...

I left a comment on the other blog - but just want you to know I wish you BOTH all the luck in the world! This is such a positive step! You guys won't KNOW yourselves in a few months!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to all of you! I am sure you will all do great.

Tiggs said...

I'm sure you're both gonna do just great, but I'm here for moral support, too. My brother-in-law had this procedure several years ago and it has done him a world of good!

All good thoughts from me to both of you!

Big hugs!