Monday, July 8, 2013

Converting a Gastric Sleeve

The BIG event of our summer is that T plans to have a revision to her gastric sleeve on July 16.  The original surgery, done four years ago, was deemed to be less invasive and less dangerous for her in light of her previous surgical history.  The sleeve gastrectomy was a relatively new procedure at the time, and seemed very promising.  However, it has proven to be less than optimal for most (if not all) gastric bypass patients, and our T is no exception.  She did very well in the beginning, losing about 90 pounds.  However, as time has gone on, she has gained all of that weight back.  That does seem to be the story for most people who have had the gastric sleeve surgery.  T is a woman of small stature, standing just 5'-2", and she carries way too much weight for her health and comfort.  We have decided it is time to try and address it before it becomes a major health crisis.  So...  back to the surgeon (Dr. K.) for a revision of the sleeve to a Roux en Y.  It is a big deal, and we are nervous, but also determined to see her through this one, and on the path to a long and healthy life.  She is in the lead up phase of preparation for that surgery, and on a very limited dietary regimen.  She is, however, calm and determined, and really doing wonderfully.  Keep her, and all of us, in your thoughts as we get ready for this big hurdle.

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