Friday, July 19, 2013

Better Today

Today, T is much better.  The x-rays today showed that the contrast medium is moving down into the large intestine, and the nurses are beginning to be able to hear bowel sounds.  She is having much less pain, and there has been no nausea.  At about 2:00 this afternoon, they clamped the naso-gastric tube and allowed her to start sipping water and eating ice chips.  That all seemed to go fine this afternoon.  If she continues to do well for 12 hours, they will remove the N-g tube and allow her to start on clear liquids.  A couple of days on clear liquids, and she will probably be able to come home (assuming all goes well).

So, maybe we will be able to bring her home on Sunday or Monday.

Today is definitely better than yesterday.



sin said...

Ohh, you're posting here again. I'm glad. And wishing T well!


Sir said...

Hang in there T

ALL my BEST WISHES go out to you !!!

Sue said...

Sin -- for right now, I'm just cross-posting things to both blogs. In time, I imagine we will begin to have weight loss updates and pictures to share here. For now, the story begins with the surgery and initial recovery.