Saturday, August 1, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I WEIGH 199.6 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have not been this small since college in 1976.

I got on the scale this morning, thinking that I "might" be down another pound.... I walked in the morning and at night yesterday. And was down 2 pounds!

I still only make 1 round of our walking path each time I walk, considerably less than Tom and Sue hoof, but the knee starts hurting about half way and I am trying not to wreck the knee Totally too soon. Today might be a pain pill day, the knee kept me up most of the night.

But still......

I WEIGH 199.6 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the knee will live.

Tickled T


swan said...

Congratulations, Honey! Somehow these numbers, without a 2, seem like a really big milestone. Way to go!


M:e said...

What a fantasic acheivement!! Well done T :)

love and hugs xxx

Raheretic said...

I know what a huge and unprededented achievement this is. It has seemed an unattainable dream for decades. I am so happy for you and to be with you as you have made this reality happen.

Mores & mores,


P. S. I am honored to have a submissive who breathes life into my core belief to:
"Go confidently in direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

Mary said...

Wow, you are an inspiration!

Sir said...

WAY to go!!!

Owner of morningstar

p said...

That's fantastic and you are looking great!! Congratulations T :)

Chloe said...

These posts always threaten to have me in tears. You guys are so honest, so inspiring, and so SUCCESSFUL!

This is utterly amazing, and HUGE (tiny?) congratulations to you, T.