Thursday, August 6, 2009

Breaking the 200 pound barrier!

Much to my surprise, after my 4.32 mile walk today, I weighed 199.5 pounds. This is my first reading below 200 since sometime in late 1998. It is a surprise since I awakened to find a waking fasting weight of 202.5 pounds. I suspected that such a large overnight gain had to be water weight of some unknown cause. I would suspect that the 3 pound loss during our walk in the fairly warm August morning bright sunshine, bears that hypothesis out.

Whatever the explanation, I have not given a scale reason to weigh less than either 300 or 200 plus pounds in eleven years, and I will most certainly and joyously accept it.

Thank you again for everyone's interest and support.

All the best,


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selkie said...

pulls out the pom poms... that is AWESOME!! must feel absoultely AMAZING! You and t. ROCK.

And I just want to add - your Swan has lost 26+ lbs! Yeah for Swan too!

swan said...

Actually, Selkie, I've lost 15... But I'll take it.


selkie said...

I was looking at the BMI - which ROCKS ... hell, I'll take the 15 if you don't want it LOL