Sunday, January 29, 2012

And Now It Is My Turn

This blog was conceived as a place to record the progress of Tom and Teresa as they came through their bariatric weight loss surgeries and the time following.  I was the support person for them both in that effort.  I cheered from the sidelines.  I managed the diets and I counted the nutritional numbers.  I modified the diet for the whole household, and I was the one who struggled to find the things that we could all eat -- no easy thing in those early days of tender and picky new tummies.  It was never about me in those days.  I was really the background member of the family -- and my weight was not ever the focus.

Now it is my turn.  I have gained weight steadily in the last few years, watching helplessly as the numbers on the scale climbed up and up and up.  But now, I am determined to make the trend turn around.

I am not having any surgery.  I hope that does not  become necessary.  I am working to change my diet, and I am hoping to increase my exercise levels (although that has not happened yet).

I started working on this seriously on about the 5th of January -- maybe like a lot of people, as a sort of new year's resolution.  It was never that formally,  but I am determined to do this for me this year.  So far, things are going well.  The weight is beginning to come off.  I am encouraged.

So here we go again.  Not as dramatic as before, but perhaps one more transformation in the offing.  I do hope so.



sin said...

Okay, more please - I read this earlier in the week from my feed but couldn't comment. So how is it going?

Sue said...

Hi sin -

This is really nothing very exciting. I have made some relatively minor, but intentional changes to my diet. They seem to be slowly making the change happen -- the weight loss I've been fighting for all these last couple of years. I have eliminated my skim milk with breakfast, drinking water instead. I have eliminated almost all cheese. I eat about a half cup of whole grain hot cereal at breakfast, plain with just a few raisins for some sweetening. I take a can of Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup for lunch, along with an apple or a clementine. I try to eat sparingly at dinner. I've eliminated all soft drinks and all fast foods. I don't get much exercise during the school year -- outside of my daily routine of chasing 12 year olds up and down the stairs in our 90 year old building. With all of that, I started paying attention about one week into the new year... The weight is coming off slowly, but it is coming off.

Thanks for noticing.