Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uncommon Conversations Ensue

I am enjoying my new body this morning. We got up about 10:00 marveling that our new floors we worked feverishly to clean and to reinstall all our furniture and possessions from the garage last night, where we moved them to be out of the way of the flooring workers, were still there. It wasn't all a dream. I have just been walking about nude all morning doing this and that and loving the fact that I am slender,

I am recalling my conversation with my bariatric surgeon Friday when t and I were in to see him for our 1 year post surgery check up. We both passed with flying colors by the way. t has made the average progress that one typically makes with sleeve gastrectomy and has significant health improvements as a result. I have actually lost more weight than is recommended for me. This was the second time a health care professional has told me it would be good if I regained a few pounds. And this comes after I've already regained between two to five pounds depending on where I am in my weight fluctuation. (Today I'm actually only up 1.5 pounds at 160 pounds from my all time low of 158.5 last December.) You cannot imagine what a thrill it is after an entire life of being overweight, to have Dr.'s tell you it might be good if you gained a few pounds! I never thought I'd hear those words spoken in sincerity. He then went on to verify my age. I am 60 now and will be 61 in less than a month. He pointed out that it is "uncommon" for a healthy person in their 60's to have their ideal weight and I am actually a little blow my ideal weight. I just looked at him and said, "Well, you know, I am an uncommon guy.....and I like it that way." A big grin came across his face and he said, "So I've noticed."

It was great to have an uncommon conversation about my new uncommon physiology and health.

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morningstar said...

pretty uncommon guy eh Raheretic?? LOL... pretty special one too i think!!

credos on the weight loss and good health....