Monday, March 29, 2010

A Promising Place to Find Good Recipes

One of the things that we are still learning about as we go along is what we can eat.  The relatively newly revamped digestive systems in our family don't tolerate many of the foods that are considered "normal" fare, and it is so crucial to get all the nutrients into what little bit they can eat.  We (T and I) are forever on the lookout for tasty foods that can be made in ways that satisfy these tiny, little appetites AND provide interesting and satisfying tastes and eating experiences.  There's no way to chow down on great quantities, so what we do eat needs to be exquisite...

Tonight, looking for ideas, I came across an interesting blog full of great ideas and wonderful sounding dishes.  We'll be dining on two of the recipes I found at Once Upon a Chef in just an hour or so...  I don't intend to turn this into a food blog, but surely, part of our way forward involves finding our way to foods that work.  This is just one resource to make our way easier and more enjoyable.


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sin said...

I would almost certainly read your blog even if it was a food blog. I think I'm just interested in your life... Or lives. And your writing...

As you were losing weight (and posting often) you were my very first stop every day on my blog journey. I got interested in your lives and am still delighted to see a post on this blog.

I did follow that link btw, and enjoyed the food blog at the other end.