Monday, November 23, 2009

Your Thoughts, Friends

Today, November 23, is the eight month anniversary of Master and T's surgeries.

Last evening, about 9:00, Master began complaining that His stomach hurt. And then it hurt worse... and worse... and worse. Finally, we decided to head to the emergency room, arriving there at about 11:00 after a very harrowing drive (during which I had to pull off the road to allow Him to vomit at least three different times). They did two CT scans -- one at midnight, and a second one at 4:00 AM with contrast. At 5:00 this morning, they got Him situated in a room. And at about 7 AM, the doctors decided that He needed emergency surgery to correct an obstruction in His bowel. Apparently, this is another of those rare (less than 1% of cases) complications.

He is in surgery as I type. I've come home to shower, grab some clothes for both of us, and rescue my car out of the repair shop where I dropped it last evening so it could have an oil change. This is the very worst possible timing for such a horrible catastrophe to occur. There is the end of the year stuff with His agency, holidays are upon us, I have parent-teacher conferences for the next three days.

We'll all get through this somehow, but please hold us all (and especially Master) in your thoughts these next few days.



littleone said...

you know we always hold you folks in our thoughts... but trust me - more so now as you work your way through this latest bump in the road....

please give Raheretic our best.. and you take care of yourself too

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Tangerine Tease said...

*positive thoughts & love*

Call me if you need anything. I am not far from you...

sin said...

Gosh life can turn scary fast can't it? Yes I will hold you in my thoughts. And it will help to remind me of what's important in life. People.

Sir said...

I am with you all, especially Master give Him all My best for a speedy recovery. It is only a minor set back, My Dad had a few with His bypass.

Owner of morningstar