Monday, November 2, 2009


I've not used my Bi-Pap machine since mid-September in that there was anticipation my weight loss had ended my sleep apnea, but there had to be a final definitive test to determine that. Last Tuesday night I had to stay at the Sleep Center for an over night sleep study. I really hate those, and am glad it is past.

Today I met with my sleep specialist and the news was wonderful! My sleep apnea no longer exists. I will not have to sleep with a Bi-Pap machine again so long as I remain as healthy as I am now.

The weight loss this surgery has enabled me to achieve has eliminated my sleep apnea. Anyone want to buy a used sleep apnea machine?

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littleone said...


it is amazing the health benefits that have come from this surgery (or the reverse - the problems caused by the overweight)

i am extremely happy for You .. keep it up !

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Impish1 said...

Haven't been reading here so I missed this. What wonderful news! My husband hates his machine still after several years so I know what this must mean to you. Congratulations. You have worked hard at your good health.

Hope you are all doing well. Please tell T. that she and her mom remain in my thoughts. Pat on the shoulder for busy Swan.