Thursday, September 3, 2009

Journey Update September 3, 2009

It has been a while since I wrote a summary of our progress in our weight loss journey. As of now I have lost 112. 5 pounds (weighing in at 188.5 pounds down from 301 pounds March 9, 2009.) My t is down 77 pounds at 193 pounds down from her original 270 pounds. sue, who underwent no bypass surgery, but whose lifestyle is hugely effected by t's and my dietary and exercise regimen, weighs in now at 185 pounds. sue's down 17 pounds from her original 202 pounds (and is by the way already within her ideal weight range as a result of this loss.) Thus our combined "family weight loss" to date is 206.5 pounds.

As for observable changes I now am wearing (and actually they are getting roomy) 38 inch waist pants. I began with a waist of 54 inches. I have lost 16 inches off my waist and suspect a 36 inch waist is not far off into my future. t shared last night that she now wears a women's size 14 to 16. She started at 24. While I don't know sue's actual size information she went off to school yesterday in a really cute dress she was able to wear for the first time. She bought it last year from a catalog but has never actually been able to get into it before.

Anecdotally, the three of us share two one car garages and drive ways. I let the both of them (who are generally off to work way ahead of me) park in the garages. Usually I am parked in the driveway behind swan each morning. When she heads off to school each morning (at an ungodly and uncivilized hour) I pull my car out of the driveway while she pulls out and then pull back into the garage after her. Usually as I do that I notice the newspaper that has been delivered in the driveway or lawn of t's and my condo next door. It used to be, before my surgery I used to pull into that driveway and lean out of the car to retrieve the newspaper. My arthritis pain, my ability to bend at my waist, and my general avoidance of walking was such that it was just easier to let the car do the work. I am still tempted to do that, but now I make a conscious decision to park the car in the garage and then walk out to the front yard next door and get the newspaper. I have to remind myself that no longer hurts, and whatever I do to further increase my physical activity. Even that little bit burns calories. It makes little sense to go out and power walk 4 to 5 miles a day only to go fetch the newspaper from out front in the car:)

It seems everything from major health conditions now gone, to little details of the physical activity of daily living have changed and improved greatly.

Thank you all again for your continued interest, and the huge support we gain from sharing with you all here. You have been, and are, such great friends.

All the best,


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selkie said...

congratulations to all of you - what an incredible journey this has been!

Getting the newspaper might seem a small thing but in the big picture it shows a massive change of mindset so in that sense, it is huge.

now, another question (IMAGINE, selkie with a qusetion! who woulda thought!).

your physical appearances have changed so dramatically, I'm wondering about certain other changes that might have occurred. For instance, are you and t. in particular noticing people reacting to you differently? and what about internally? Are your perceptions of self changing at all ? and if so, in what way?

This is such a drastic and incredible change that I can't help but think that the changes are not just physical but emotional and spiritual as well.

selkie said...
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kaya said...

How do you stop it? Is it just a matter of getting to eat more when you've reached that goal weight? How much MORE diligent will you have to be about food intake to balance so you don't gain, but also don't lose anymore?

Raheretic said...

selkie, definitely I am noticing people reacting far more positively to me in my profession. Additionally it is not uncommon for me to at times feel almost as though I had taken amphetamine or something. I am at times just so absolutely filled with energy and excitment that it is unbelievable.

I really did not have a negative self-image before, but my self-concept at this point truly is quite improved. I find mtyself way more confident in social situations, and in my work there are virtually no situations that are not social, so it really is a very positive change.


Raheretic said...

kaya, they tell us that often when people reach their ideal weight their body simply reaches stasis and their weight loss curtails. If in the rare case that does not occur, yes increasing calories is the way to stop loosing. In that there has been nothing for me about this entire process which has been "normal" I bet I may have the challenge of having to increase caloric intake. I keep joking that at that point I return to drinking whiskey:)