Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free of the Evil Bi-Pap....Free At Last!

Last night for the first time in about four years I slept without having the Bi-pap (breathing device used to keep throat open during sleep to negate sleep apnea) strapped to my fact and blowing air up my nose. I was told by my sleep specialist that I should jettison it at 180 pounds. I seem to be in one of my "holding patterns" I've encountered on the way down, bouncing between 186 and 188 pounds for the last few days. My facial contours have changed dramatically what with my 115 pounds weight loss and I am finding I can no longer get the Bi-pap to seal on my face, resulting in the darn thing blowing cold air noisily all night long. It has really bothered my sleep the last few nights. So last night we finally said the proverbial "screw it" and went off to bed without it. swan spent much of the night snuggled close to me and waking constantly to make sure I was breathing OK and not snoring (snoring is a sure sign of apnea.) I did fine and awakened much more well rested today.

I take a Zyrtec pill and spray Flonase nasal spray each night to enable me to deal with the nasal congestion the Bi-pap has created for me. I hope that as we proceed forward here over the next two weeks or so those too will be some of the further medications I will no longer require because of my weight loss.

Thank you again everyone for your interest and support as our evolution with all this continues.

All the best,


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selkie said...

why do I keep thinking ...Luke, I am your father .... damn my mind! That is seriously wonderful.

I am seriously claustrophobic. At one point years ago they talked about that machine for me- I checked it out and was like NOT - can't go there!

I am in total awe. Just a few short months and it is like you unzipped this body and the "real you" and the "real T" stepped out...leaving this thing behind that had had all sorts of needs and must haves and problems you don't need to bring withyou.