Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Back Down

Right after the bariatric surgeries, I lost weight right along with the rest of the family -- not as quickly, and not as extreme, but still...

And then, what with everything else, I've slowly put weight back on. A lot of that has been absolutely my fault. I've experienced a real sense of loss and deprivation as the family just quit eating, and more to the point, quit caring about eating. I've joked, many times over the months, that I was going to go onto some sort of dating site and look for a "food buddy." In my mind, a "food buddy" wouldn't want anything more than to share a pleasant dinner and a decent bottle of wine now and then -- just someone who could eat a grownup meal without the potential for puking... In the absence of a "food buddy," I've tended to compensate with fast food burgers, and so I've gained about 20 pounds.

At the peak, I was up to about 198 pounds. That was just enough to kick me into determined mode, and I've been slowly losing weight over the last 6-8 weeks. So, as of this morning, I am down by 7 pounds to 191. That's not great, but it is movement in the right direction.

I feel like I'm a very long way from my ideal weight, but I'm working on it and seeing progress, so maybe that is good.



Sir said...

It takes baby steps, so don't sweat it as long as you are losing. Seven pounds is a good start, a thumbs up too you..

Oh and once in awhile a slight gain is ok too..

I know all your friends will be supporting you..


morningstar said...


I have had the opposite problem.. I have been losing (no I am NOT complaining) I am hoping that it will slow down now that I am more settled. It is funny how emotional eating can be isn't it??

Anyway.. hang on.. I will promise to be your "food buddy" when I get there.. promise !!