Saturday, December 5, 2009


The last 4 days, as I've been home from the hospital, I've lost weight steadily. I suspect this is my body's reflecting the weight loss I experienced during the six days I was NPO during my post surgical hospitalization. When I came home I was still swollen and had a good bit of edemous tissue. As those fluids have mobilized and been eliminated, my weight is dropping steadily. Ironically, these last few days at home, I am eating greater quantities of food with greater comfort than I have at any time since my gastric bypass last March. I am trying to be less restrictive in that my weight is down further.

At any rate, the weight of 165 pounds...the weight that sounded so ridiculously unattainable when my bariatric surgeon established it as my goal weight last spring....materialized when I stepped on my scale this morning. I would certainly not suggest the process I have undergone in losing this last six pounds or so for anyone, and certainly not for myself, but reality is that as of this morning my weight is 165 pounds. My next challenge I think is to work at stemming any further weight loss. You would never have convinced me a year ago that those words would ever describe a weight control objective for me.

So I am celebrating, somewhat with awe and somewhat with concern, having reached my original weight goal of 165 pounds.

I feel better and stronger each day as I rebound from my surgery. My pain is less and my strength and stamina are steadily increasing as I progress. I hope I will soon be back to feeling really healthy in time to enjoy the December holidays.

Thank you again to all of you who have traveled this journey with us and provided us such wonderful support and caring. You have made this outcome so much more attainable because of the gifts you shared with us here.

All the best,


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sin said...

Wow. Congratulations Tom. This certainly does seem like the hard way of doing things. But now you've done it.

I hope that you will keep this blog going at least for a while.

We still want to hear about T and we also want to know if you can stop the weight loss, get healthy, and then keep the weight off.

I love that you guys shared this journey with us. What an intimate and personal story.


Raheretic said...

sin, have no fear. I have no intention of ending this Blog. This weight milestone is just another point in the journey which is now past.

I am enjoying this story (well some of it anyway:) I am anxious to see how it ends.

It is great for all three of us to be able to go back at times and review where we were when, and to recall how we got to our current reality.

Besides, were we to take down the Blog, where would most of Europe and Africa go to find bariatric cheese cake recipes (inside joke).

Thank you for your interest and support.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

p said...

Time flies. I still remember right before you and T were heading off to have the original procedures. Although with all your secondary issues I'm sure that time could have went a bit easier on you.
You truly are inspiring and I need to thank you as you also gave me inspiration to lose weight and I've lost 25 pounds as well.
I hope this last ordeal was the last of any complications for you and life will just get better and better for you and yours.