Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Milestone Reached October 7, 2009

Today I awakened and staggered off to the bathroom for the daily weigh-in. I was 176 pounds. My baseline weight last March 9 was 301 pounds. I have now reached 125 pounds weight loss in under seven months from my baseline weight. This represents another 1/4 of a hundred pounds lost, so I feel like it is noteworthy. Technically this means I have 11 more pounds to lose until I attain the original weight goal recommended by my bariatric surgeon of 165 pounds. He was quite pleased with me when he gave me my 6 month check last week. He said that rarely do patients do as well as I have in this time period, and he knew I was not done yet.

I will likely attain the goal he set at 165 pounds. I am probably going to push on past that. The more accepted weight/height charts suggest that for my 5 feet 8 inches my ideal weight is within a range of 139 pounds to 169 pounds. I have seen some of the more high end charts that have based their prescribed weights on those that maximize longevity. They suggest my ideal weight as 151 pounds. My Cardiologist has suggested I use that as an end weight. At 150.5 pounds I will have lost 50% of my weight. That seems like a goal worth pursuing and so I will. So to date I have lost 125 pounds and have 25 more to lose.

I haven't tracked us as a family for a while. As of now, between the three of us, we have lost 221.6 pounds. Damn, by the time I reach my new goal we will have, between the three of us, almost lost 246 ponds plus any further loss by t and swan:) We will have lost a good sized football player worth of human mass:)

It helps so much to have chronicled this journey here. Looking back on it is amazing for me. Much of what has empowered that dynamic has been the tremendous support readers here have provided us all.

Thank you all for your support.

All the best,


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Complicated Kitten said...

You certainly have come a long way and are doing great!


selkie said...

how AMAZING is that! Tom, 150 seems awfully light to me. I know that at 5'8", when I weigh (not now, sighs) around that, I'm SKINNY - I mean bones. Not sure what your frame is, but you seem to me to be solid framed; anyways, you know best of course and may I say, you and your clan are INCREDIBLE.

subtletimes said...

Congratulations, that is a great achievement in such a short time!

I have a little question though, once you have bariatric surgery how do you stop yourself from losing anymore weight once you attain your goal?

Normally to halt weightloss you would eat more and balance your calorie intake with your expenditure, but I was under the impression that physically you cannot eat more than a certain amount ever again.
So how does it work?